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Cancún and Isla Mujeres panoramic flight tour

Cancún and Isla Mujeres panoramic flight tour

Cancún, Mexico

The adventure begins when the engine starts and know there is no coming back. But keep calm ! The best is yet to come.

We take off from Cancun International Airport and with your feet only a few meters in altitude, you will begin to discover why this place is the dream of many people. You will realize that the Hotel Zone is significatly more impressive than you thought.

Enjoy the large and beautiful buildings that host thousands of tourists, with beautiful pools and unique styles. On the shore you will see how the sea bathes them with its blue and warm waters. The immense sea, the majestic sky and the greatness of our mother earth will amazed you.

Then we arrive to Isla Mujeres where you will see how the colors of the beaches change and the reason why all those yachts are down there, as this place is one of the favorites for visitors of Cancun.

In 25 minutes you will be back from where you left off. You will leave with a new experience making you a different person than the one who started this journey.

Starting time: 05:00 pm

Minimum 3 people. If the group is not complete, we will fully refund.

Tour Duration: 60 minutes

Flight Time: 25 minutes

Availability: Tuesday, wednesday & friday

Departure Point: FBO Terminal (private terminal) at Cancun International Airport

Items to bring:

    1. Official ID
    2. Camera
    3. Fresh clothes
    4. Snack for trip


$ 160 USD

per person


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